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Pechin Hill, Pechin Road, Pechin Store, Pechin School, Pechin Express... What is Pechin?

It was not a "what" but a "who." Edmund Cash Pechin was born December 9, 1834 near Philadelphia. The son of John Christopher and Margaret (Cash) Pechin, he grew up in a family of prominence. An article about Pechin as a child says, "His health was good and her had no tasks to perform that interfered with his taste for books." He was educated at the Episcopal Academy in Philadelphia after which he entered the University of Pennsylvania where he graduated in 1856. He was admitted to the bar in November 1859 where he practiced until 1868 when he came to the Dunbar Iron Company.

Isaac Meason Union Furnace changed had hands many times through the 1800s and Pechin arrived to his position in 1868 when the furnace was owned by the Youghiogheny Coal and Iron Company. By 1870, it reorganized again and became the Dunbar Coal and Iron Company, where Pechin continued in his position as Superintendent and Manager. Another reorganization took place when the Dunbar Furnace Company was formed on June 1, 1876. At the time of that change, the Dunbar Iron Company had a total of 8,000 acres of coal and iron land. Pechin stayed on until 1877, when he moved to a new position in Cleveland, Ohio.

He also was GM of a Tennessee company and finally took a job in 1888 with the Virginia Development Company in Roanoke. He married Mary Lemen Shelley in 1863 and they had three children. Pechin was a member of the National Geographic Society, American Forestry Association and the American Institute of Mining Engineers where in 1890 he authored a book about brown ore from Virginia. He was a lifelong proponent of education and believed that even though one makes mistakes, it is always best to do the right thing and always help others. He retired to his country place "Greyledge Farm" near Buchanan, Betetourt County, Virginia where he lived until his death in 1924. He is buried at the Fairview Cemetery near his farm.

Now you know the rest of the story!